Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions


What is the best brand for RC cars?

This question is a bit subjective as there are many amazing RC car brands out there. You’ll see brands such as Traxxas and Redcat Racing popping up quite a lot but it all depends on your budget and what type you’re looking for. 

What type of RC car should I buy, assembly kit or ready to run?

For beginners, a ready to run (RTR) rc car or truck comes with everything you need straight out of the box. Intermediate RC enthusiasts can opt for an assembly kit.

That being said, if you’re a beginner and not afraid of the challenge of putting your own RC car together then an assembly kit is definitely an option as well.

Should I get an electric or a nitro RC car?

This relies purely on personal preference – the biggest difference between an electric and a nitro RC car are what makes them run. As the name suggests, an electric rc uses a motor powered by electricity which comes in the form of batteries.

A nitro RC on the other hand uses an actual engine that’s fueled by a methanol based fuel containing nitro. These cars also require additional care for specific parts such as maintaining the engine itself.

How long do you charge a RC car battery?

This depends on the size of the battery and the output of the wall charger. For example a 3000MaH Battery will take around 1 hour when charged with a 3amp charger and ½ an hour with a 6amp charger. 

Please remember to NEVER leave the charging battery unattended and ONLY use the supplied charger and recommended batteries. 

What’s the difference between remote control and radio control?

In RC, these terms are used interchangeably. If we want to get technical, then remote control refers to an rc car that is being controlled remotely, usually by a wire.

Radio control refers to an rc being controlled with a controller that uses radio waves. 

Wired RC cars aren’t very common any more so nowadays they pretty much mean the same thing.

What is the best rc upgrade for more speed?

Upgrading to a brushless motor is the best option for increasing the speed of your car. They’re a bit pricey but are much more efficient than their brushless counterparts. 

Many people simply put stronger batteries in their rc’s to make them run faster. Although this technically does work you can burn your servo out much quicker so it’s not recommended.

What is a brushless motor in RC Cars?

In RC, a brushless motor refers to the design of the motor. Brushless motors hold an advantage over brushed motors as they require less maintenance, they run longer and can achieve higher speeds. 

Where can I get spare rc car parts and accessories?

Most hobby shops stock spare parts.


Technical Issues


Why is my RC car not responding to the controller?

Make sure the frequency crystals are securely plugged into the receiver and transmitter and that they are not damaged. 

Also, check to make sure the batteries in both the vehicle and the controller contain sufficient charge. 

If the above don’t work and you’re using a 2.4GHz system, check your car for a solid LED light. If there is no solid light or hear a constant beeping noise when your car is turned on, this may mean that the receiver isn’t receiving any signals from the transmitter and the vehicle needs to be rebinded.

How can I tell if my radio control vehicle is equipped with 2.4GHz, and where is it located?

Have a look at the packaging/box of your vehicle. The GHz notation is usually located on either the front panel in the upper right corner or on the right side panel of the packaging. It is occasionally located on an oval shaped sticker on the packaging as well. 

If you’ve already thrown the packaging away then don’t worry, you can also check underneath your rc vehicle and transmitter. There should be a small black sticker with white lettering stating the frequency the vehicle uses.

Why is my RC car making a grinding noise?

Check the contact between the motor and the main gear, making sure your gear mesh is not too tight or too far apart.

Why is my RC car moving forward by itself without me touching anything?

Adjust the throttle trim until the unit is completely stationary. This knob is found either on your transmitter or underneath your RC car. Only adjust this if it’s absolutely necessary as incorrect adjustment can cause your car to fly away when it’s started up.

If your car doesn’t have a throttle trim then try turning the transmitter on BEFORE you turn on the car. 

Why does my RC car stop every couple seconds?

This is a common issue usually related to the batteries in your car.  Electric Speed Control (or ESC) circuits have a low voltage cut-off safety mechanism – in other words if your batteries aren’t charged enough the power will cut out to avoid potential damage. 

Try charging the batteries. If this doesn’t work it may be time to replace them.

Why is my RC car not moving?

This could be due to loose or damaged wiring. Check all the wiring to make sure it is secure. If the steering works but the RC car still won’t move it could be a loose wire to the steering servo.

Why is my RC car going slow?

The most common cause of this issue is low battery power ie: your battery pack is not properly charged. If charging your battery doesn’t work it could mean that your servo motor is dirty, damaged or completely worn out.

How do I connect my remote to my RC car?

Pairing your remote to your RC car is pretty simple. First, you’ll need to ensure your battery pack is charged. Insert it into your battery slot, making sure it’s properly connected

Next, turn on your controller and then your car. Move the steering wheel of your controller and if the wheels of your vehicle are moving as well then voila! They are paired.

When I turn on my RC vehicle the servos go crazy

This happens when you turn your RC car/plane on before you turn the transmitter on. Always turn the transmitter on first before you turn on your car/plane/truck etc

Why do my servos go crazy when I switch on my RC vehicle?

Inspect the antenna on the car and ensure it’s fully extended. Check the transmitter for any damage and make sure the batteries on both the car and transmitter contain sufficient charge.


Steering Issues


Why won’t the throttle engage on my RC car even though I have steering control?

Check the electronic speed controller (ESC) for a LED light or listen for a buzzing sound. This means the throttle trim might be offset,  preventing the motor from engaging due to its safety mechanism. Adjust the throttle trim until the buzzing stops or the LED blinks out.

Why is the steering servo not working?

First, try resetting your servo. You do this by removing the servo saver and then turn the steering trim on your transmitter to “center”. Plug the battery into the servo and turn it on, this will cause the servo to center itself.

Turn it off again and reconnect the servo saver, ensuring your wheels are aligned and facing straight ahead. 

If the servo still isn’t working then it might be time to replace it.

What is an RC Servo Saver?

Server savers are essentially little arms that are designed to act as shock absorbers for the servos, taking the brunt of it when the servo is jolted. This prevents your servo’s geartrain from stripping out.

Why is my RC car steering/throttle reversed?

Locate the servo reversing switch on the steering channel or the throttle channel. Flipping this switch should correct the problem.

Why is the Steering servo only turning a small amount?

Check the steering servo to see if anything is obstructing it. Make sure to check the servo savers as well to ensure they’re correctly positioned. 

If you don’t see any issues here try adjusting the steering trim. If it’s still not working it may be time to replace your servo, although some rc repair shops will also service them.

Why is my RC car not driving in a straight line?

This can be corrected by adjusting the steering trim knob which is found on your transmitter or underneath your vehicle.