Here’s My Story

bob wade

Hello and welcome to RC Reboot, the ultimate hub for all things related to remote and radio controlled devices, including planes, cars, and helicopters.

My name’s Bob Wade, and I’m one of the millions who share a passion for everything RC, which is precisely why I created this website.

My dream is to reach out to others in the RC community and share everything I know with others who have the same interest, and hopefully get some new hobbyists involved along the way.

Remote controlled devices have long been a treasured hobby for millions of people around the world, but the exciting advancements with these toys and devices makes this an exciting time to be involved.

The RC Reboot site is intended to share with you these new advancements as well as helpful guides for buying products, fixing issues, and generally getting excited about the exciting remote controlled world.

I began my lifelong passion for RC vehicles with my very first car as a kid, and from there it’s grown to something I could have never imagined.

Planes, trucks, helicopters, and all manner of vehicles make up a huge part of my world and there’s nothing more thrilling or satisfying than maneuvering one of these RC devices for yourself.

Anyone who’s been in control of an RC vehicle before will be able to testify just how exciting they are to use, and it’s usually a hobby that intensifies pretty quickly for most of us.

RC Reboot was created to share that passion with others in the RC community and to serve as an introductory guide to the hobby for those who are just getting started.

We have all manner of information, guides, recommendations, and reviews related to the world of hobby RC devices so you can get lost here for hours discovering everything about your favorite pastime.